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Foundry Division

We are a world leader in the supply of consumable products, technical advice and application support to the global foundry industry, improving casting quality and foundry efficiency.

Our primary customers are ferrous and non-ferrous foundries serving various end-markets, from large bespoke castings to high-volume automotive pieces. We operate in the foundry sector under the FOSECO brand.


Our Foundry Division reported revenues of £515.1m in 2019, a decrease of 8.2% on a reported basis as compared to 2018, whilst underlying revenue decreased 8.7%. There was a challenging environment in Foundry end-markets during 2019, with weakness in light vehicle production in all regions.







The Business

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Our Products

The conditioning of molten metal, the nature of the mould and the way metal flows into the mould all affect the quality of the finished castings and the labour, energy and metal usage efficiency of the foundry.

Vesuvius’ products and services to foundries contribute significantly to improved product quality and yield. Foundry customers are evolving towards more sophisticated and complex castings with increased requirements for cleaner and lighter metal, resulting in a greater need for Vesuvius’ products.

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Our Customers

We are also focused on expanding the cross-selling opportunities between the Foundry and Advanced Refractories business units.

Foundries utilise some of the refractory products manufactured by Advanced Refractories, which allows us to offer a complete product offering to our customers.

Foundry Casting Process

The foundry process is highly sequential and is critically dependent on consistency of product quality and productivity optimisation. Working alongside customers at their sites, our engineers provide on-site technical expertise in addition to advanced computational fluid dynamics capabilities to develop the best customised production solutions.